ELCM Position Survey

Your Theological Views and the Positions of the ELCM

The ELCM Policy regarding Applicant congregations and pastors is to ask that Pastors, seminarians, Congregations and Missions complete the following Questionnaire or Survey as a way of ascertaining how close the applicant or those interested in ELCM are to the various ELCM Biblical, Theological, and Polity positions.

The President of ELCM is now using this survey Questionnaire when meeting with congregations and pastors that have expressed an interest in ELCM. The answers to the survey disclose the basic orientations of a congregation, Seminarian, or a pastor.  When it is clear that a pastor, seminarian, or congregation is oriented closer to the positions of another grouping, the President then recommends that the respective pastor, seminarian or congregation be in contact with those groups where they may appear to share a greater commonality of understanding.

In ELCM there is allowance for a span of views on the various areas but there should be an overall acceptance of the basic ELCM organizational principles.

ELCM is not interested in adding persons or congregations to its rosters in order to simply build up numbers and size.

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ELCM Position Survey (in Word format)